We deeply believe in environmental and social responsibility. We have to make a difference using new business models which are good for the world while providing excellent products and services for customers as well as adequate results for our companies. For us, measuring business performance must also include our impact on natural, social and human capital. All our solid coloured suits are made, inside and outside, with Amni Soul Eco, the world's first biodegradable yarn and faster decomposed once on the landfill. The fabrics will turn into biomass within 28 months instead of 11 years like other traditional materials. For our printed suits we use biodegradable lining and fabric made of recycled plastic bottles because we have not yet reached the high minimum order policy the manufacturer demands for print on biodegradable fabric, but we are close and working hard to fill up this gap. Our patterns are all printed with water based ink, free from heavy metals. 100% of the water used in the printing process is reused and 95% of all waste generated by fabric manufacturers goes for recycling. Our Kimonos are made with FSC ( The Forest Stewardship Council) certified Viscose. We package our suits with packaging material from @ecoenclose and @noissueco, recyclable and compostable materials. Our bags for the shop are from 'Janini Embalagens' from Sao Paulo which are FSC certified and work with 100% recycled material. Mamazoo is part of the 'eureciclo' movement in Brazil, compensating for 200% of our packaging material, contributing to the importance of the recycling system in Brazil. Our product shot for the website were shot with sunshine on white background, no electricity was used. We never negotiate the price of labor and we pay the full price in all of the steps of our productive chain. All of the above gives a meaning and purpose to what we do at MAMAZOO because we love and care for Nature and People.

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